Classic ScotteVest Hoodie Gets Updated

September 27, 2009 at 4:26 am (Standard)

I’ve had the original ScotteVest hoodie since they were first available. In fact, I’ve worn it so much, it’s gotten little micro-holes in it. But it’s just too comfy to give up. I’m definitely a comfort-driven dresser. I could care less about what’s in style. Give me a comfy pair of jeans, a sweatshirt, and boots (or Keen’s, depending on the season), and I’m good to go.

For those unfamiliar with ScotteVest, it’s a brand of Technology Enabled Clothing (TEC) that was founded by Scott Jordan in 2000. His products are made for those of us who are “gadget-geeks” and love to carry all our gadgets and gear but without the unsightly bulges that come with stuffing pockets full of goodies. The great thing about his clothing is that it looks great and doesn’t give up form for function. I love getting new pieces of clothing and searching for all the hidden pockets (which include cards telling you additional suggested uses).

Now, much to my partner’s delight, I have a new ScotteVest hoodie. The new graphics are great, or you can get it without the print if you don’t want to advertise to the world that you might have hundreds of dollars worth of gizmos in your hidden pockets (or a dog, in author Amy Tan’s case! Long story.) Some updated pockets are very nice. I laughed about it at first, but I love having a chamois available to clean my reading glasses! 🙂 Also, the keychain is now on a coil, so it goes with your keys, keeping you from having to detach them at a locker, the casino, the car, or wherever.

The new pockets that enable you to control your iPhone or iPod Touch right thru the window are incredible!! I don’t know how they do it, but it works great and gives you that much more protection for your gadgets. I also love having a set of earbuds permanently attached. No more moving buds between shirts…now they are there to stay.

Some of the pros to this hoodie are the fact that it zips up in the front, it has a slew of mostly hidden pockets (13, I think), it washes extremely well, there has been no pilling or fading of my original from a few years ago, and it’s been washed at least once a week for the past few years. I’m sure this one will be equally durable.

It does seem to run about a half size or size larger than usual. I generally wear a unisex XL, but I have this one in a Large, and it’s still plenty roomy without looking sloppy. I even ordered a couple of extras for a family member and friend who constantly ask to borrow mine.

Thus far I have a cap, two hoodies, two t-shirts, and the cargo pants. My next purchase will likely be the new windbreaker that backs back into itself for fall, followed by either the essential jacket or the travel vest in the spring.

Pick up one of these at You won’t regret it. Best sweatshirt ever!!


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