The MacHeist NanoBundle

November 6, 2009 at 11:12 pm (MacHeist, shareware) (, , )

MacHeist nanoBundle.jpgMacHeist has rolled around again, and has an interesting ploy this time. If MacHeist is good at anything, it’s marketing.

With this one, called the “NanoBundle”, 6 “top apps” are “free”, so long as you supply your contact information. Plug it into the blanks, and you get prompted to download your free bundle. True enough, there are some decent apps to be had. The reason some of them seem a little “meh” for the MH faithful is because we’ve had some limited versions as “loot” in the past. Still, it’s a nice little package. See it at MacHeist.

As with MacHeist, there is usually an ‘extra’ along the way, and this time is no different. As the hoopla began with a Twittering about an incoming asteroid, which garnered the user a free app, DaisyDisk, there is also a FaceBook tie-in. If you download the bundle, then share it with your FaceBook brethren, you can get a copy of VirusBarrier. Who knows what else will follow? Rumors (and the time of the year) suggest that this is leading up to MacHeist 4. Time will tell. The MacHeist Forums are generally a good place for such information.

Meanwhile, grab a bundle of free apps, spread the word, then go enjoy your new apps. Who knows? You might find your next gem of an app hiding in there.


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