Black Wednesday Sucker Punch, or RIP Steve Jobs

October 5, 2011 at 9:18 pm (Apple) (, , , , , )

IMG 0466


I feel like I’ve just been sucker-punched.  You know the feeling. Someone hits you in that space in your gut where it knocks the wind out of you and it takes a few seconds to catch your breath. 


That’s how I felt a few minutes ago when I got a text from my partner’s son, Kelly. He was offering condolences regarding the passing of Steve.  He knew I was a huge fan of Mr. Jobs, and he thought, rightly so, that I would be upset about Steve’s death. 


My first thoughts: Kelly was mistaken, he was just messing with me, he was drunk. Besides, I’d just been online the past hour or so, and there wasn’t a word about it. Believe me, in my circle of mostly techies, geeks, and developers, someone would know! 


I opened my iPad to Facebook. Bam! The first entry I saw, reading “just now”, was from Lisa Bettany, aka Mostly Lisa. Then Macgenie. Then Nik. Well, damn. Then a little snowball turned into the proverbial avalanche, and within moments , that’s all anyone was posting. I had that feeling in my stomach. I couldn’t breathe. We all knew this day was coming, but so soon? I mean, he just resigned, surely he’s got a little more time left for walks with his family. Surely. 


I thought back to the first Mac I’d ever seen, a Mac Plus, in 1986. It was in the newsroom of a small rag, a weekly newspaper in small-town Mississippi. Before long, I was an editor at that paper. Fast forward a few years, and I was working for Apple. Fast forward a few years later, and I’ve fulfilled a dream by attending a couple of Macworld Expos, meeting and working with some great people, and we all have something in common…the house that Steve built. 


A lot of folks talk about the best product Steve invented. I don’t think Steve’s greatest accomplishment was a particular product. I think it was Apple. He started something as a dream, then had the great vision to go out and make it happen. People didn’t think he could do it, or they tried to prevent it, but he succeeded. All this in just two acts at Apple. Wouldn’t there be an Act 3, when Steve was cured, when he’d defeated Cancer like he took down all his other detractors? Surely they were wrong, this was just a goof, like the other time his obit was mistakenly published. But, deep down I knew it was over. Deep down, I knew Steve had lost this fight, the most important one. Steve was gone. 


Rest in peace, Steve. And thank you for everything.


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