Bottle Cap Caches

August 18, 2012 at 12:47 am (Geocaching) (, , )

Not long ago, I came across a type of cache that I’d heard about at GeoWoodstock, but had never seen.  The cache title, which referenced good luck, had me thinking that maybe I was looking for a penny on the ground  The site is a neighborhood park near my house, and the coordinates led me to a slightly rocky area over a drainage ditch, with lots of small gravel rock interspersed with grass.  So, I started looking.  Sure enough, about 10 minutes later, I saw a penny on the ground.  My heart started beating faster. When I picked it up, lo and behold, it had a tiny container attached to the bottom with a flip-top lid. The vial was pressed into the ground so that only the penny was visible, just like when you find one lying on the ground.  I signed the log, and replaced it into the ground, excited to add to my collection.


On the way home, I was thinking that I could easily make that, but,  not wanting to use my hard-earned pennies, I decided to use bottle caps.  I had some bottle tops from a few glass Coca-Cola bottles.  I rinsed and dried them then put a couple drops of contact cement in the cap.  I let them dry overnight, then checked them.  They turned out great.  I put a tiny little log in the vial and it is ready for its new hiding place.  The good thing about this type of cache is that it can literally be hidden almost anywhere, from a park to a playground to a parking lot.  I’m working on some ideas for some slightly more challenging caches now.  I’ve heard a lot of interesting ideas, and I know the types of areas we cachers are likely to frequent, so watch out for some upcoming evil caches.

Fee free to suggest some “evil” or otherwise challenging caches for me. What’s the most creative or challenging cache you’ve seen? Let m know in the comments.


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