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Do you sit around and doodle on paper as you chat on the phone?  Do you doodle on a napkin whilst waiting for your food to arrive?  Do you carry a Moleskine or Field Notes book everywhere you go?  Do you eschew ruled paper for the grid, because it’s so much better for sketching?  Whether you are a real artist, or just a closet sketcher, consider joining The Sketchbook Project.  Started in 2006 in Atlanta but moved to New York City in 2009, it is best known for an evolving library featuring more than 30,800 artists’ books that have been contributed by creative souls from over 135 countries.  Their small organization now comprises a community of over 60,000 artists worldwide. 


  What is included?  When you send your contribution to The Sketchbook Project, they will send you a blank sketchbook containing 32 pages of 70lb.paper.  You can then fill it to your heart’s content as you are inspired It doesn’t have to be just artwork. Fill it with drawings, poems, photographs, lists, stories, or anything else you feel led to include.  Send your filled sketchbook back by the stated deadline (detailed instructions are included). Books are catalogued, tagged, and searchable in the library system, particularly those that are digitized – they can be digitized for an additional fee, in which case they are professionally photographed and uploaded online, just like any other digital works in the library. The mobile library will travel next summer to cities across North America. Details can be found on the website, and folks can follow on Instagram. It is so much fun to look thru the online digital library and see what others have done.  There are some seriously creative folks out there…and maybe a few seriously disturbed ones as well.  😉  

You can also support the project by purchasing project journals, t-shirts, blank journals, and even a “sleeping bag” for your sketchbook. To participate, go to The Sketchbook Project to sign up. The “analog” version is $25, and includes a blank sketchbook, archiving at the Brooklyn Art Library, and will be included in the traveling exhibits all across North America.  For an additional $35 (total $60), your sketchbook will be professionally digitized, and will be added to the online library where you will be able to share it with people all over the world.  You will be able to catalogue your sketchbook by using tags, themes, and other descriptors, making it searchable in the exhibition kiosks. Sharpen your colored pencils and get your creative juices flowing. I’m going to order mine right now.  This might be your only chance to be published…go for it!


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