Time Winding Down for Software Deals

November 12, 2009 at 12:45 pm (MacHeist, shareware) (, , , , )

OneFingerDiscount.png-1.jpgTime is winding down on a couple of great software deals. MacHeist, as previously noted, has tried an interesting bit of marketing to bring new users into its fold, by bundling six applications together and offering them up for free (well, in exchange for the all-important contact information). That bundle, dubbed the “nanobundle” by MacHeist, officially ends tonight. According to the counter on their website, there are twelve hours left.

In response to the Macheist deal, one independent Mac software developer, Daniel Jalkut, came up with an idea to have a promotion of his own, called the One Finger Discount. As he noted, “Everybody loves a deal. We’re banding together to give customers a price break, and to spread the word about Mac software they may not have heard about.” I asked him last night on Twitter if he’d had much feedback regarding sales from others. He said, “Every dev I’ve heard from has been “stoked” by the response.”

The One Finger Discount officially ends the same time as the MacHeist bundle, but Jalkut says he’s recommended everybody keep running thru Friday or later. Show your support for Mac software. There are over 100 developers on the list, and many have more than one app listed. Therefore, there are potentially several hundred apps listed from which to choose. Now that sounds like a great shopping spree!

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Ryu’s MacHeist pulls a heist of his own

June 10, 2008 at 10:18 pm (shareware) (, , , , , )

Well, there’s been quite a little uproar at MacHeist today.

The new and improved bundle was released today, ostensibly to increase less-than-stellar sales of the MacHeist Retail Bundle. The Retail Bundle was released a couple of months ago and has been sold online, plus there is a boxed version that is being sold in brick and mortar stores like Apple.

The bundle was essentially a “greatest hits” compilation of favorite applications from previous bundles. As such, many of the MacHeist faithful did not jump onboard to purchase this bundle as they had in the past because they already had most or all of the applications. They bought some for gifts, but the sales were nowhere near what previous MacHeist events have been.

So, the MacHeist “Directorate”, Phill Ryu and John Casasanta, decided to jump-start things with a ‘new and improved’ bundle, with a few new applications. Vector Designer was added to replace Wallet (the developer supposedly had a prior commitment and only contracted for a short amount of time). TextExpander and Sound Studio were added as “locked applications”, which would be given to buyers once a certain amount was raised. TextExpander was unlocked quickly, and Sound Studio probably won’t be too far behind. There was also a “Bonus App”, the highly popular Voodoo Pad, for people who bought during a specified 24-hour period.

Always in the past, people who had already purchased the bundle were given the additional applications as sort of an “early-buyers bonus”. Well, the early adopters, who supported MacHeist by buying a lackluster bundle, were given the added apps…except Voodoo Pad.

There was a lot of talk and angry postings over at the MacHeist forums. Things got worse when Ryu suggested that Voodoo Pad could possibly still be had…provided customers buy the bundle again during a 24-hour period when the bundle is advertised on a collaborating-but-yet-unnamed “interesting, highly trafficked site”.

So, early adopters, some of MacHeist’s best and most vocal supporters, essentially got screwed by buying early. Fence-sitters were rewarded with a premium application. One poster stated that “it’s a shame that people who bought in through a random promotion got a better deal than people who were loyal from the beginning.”

Ryu commented on the criticism about not including Voodoo Pad by saying, ” We try to be fair, but quite frankly, we’re in the red right now, mostly due to the decision to try to improve this bundle for you guys, and MAINLY because we wanted to reward any previous customers with the three main additional apps. There’s no way we can afford to do that. Sorry.” Another poster shot back, “If you’re in the red, it’s because most of the loyal MacHeist people already had most, if not all, of the apps in the bundle; therefore there wasn’t much incentive for us to buy.”

True enough, previous MacHeist bundles have resulted in enormous sales. Also, it isn’t a problem with the applications themselves. They are very good. The problem is just that the overwhelming majority of people who support MacHeist already have one or more copies of most of the programs. Even two of the three bonus programs that were added were in previous bundles, one in a MacHeist bundle and one in a MacUpdate bundle.

It doesn’t look like Ryu is going to change his position on this. However, it will probably hurt initial sales when the next bundle is up for grabs. A lot more people will likely wait to see what special deals will be offered before committing their support, and their money, to MacHeist.

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MacHeist Retail Bundle revealed…

April 13, 2008 at 5:41 am (shareware) (, , , , , )

So here’s more info on the MacHeist Retail bundle.  

There are 12 apps included.  Here’s the rundown along with a few comments. Being an avid MacHeister, I already have most of these apps.  There’s more info about the individual apps at the MacHeist site.

Awaken – This is one I didn’t think much about that was in the most recent MacHeist bundle.  I probably never would have tried this on my own.  However, I absolutely love it and use it every day.  Support from the developer, Jerry Brace, is nothing short of phenomenal!  You’ll love this one.

Wallet – This was included in a Christmas referral bonus.  If you don’t want or need the robustness of something like 1Password, this is a great little program.  I set it up for my dad and my cousin for them to keep track of passwords, serial numbers, etc.

Xslimmer – I just recently started using this one.  It has already freed up several gigabytes of space on the smaller hard drive of my aging 4-year old G4 laptop.  

WriteRoom – This is a good one for folks who just want to write without being distracted by a lot of bells and whistles.  It just lets you write.

Overflow – This one is indispensable to me.  I had so many apps in my dock that I couldn’t even figure out what they were because they were so small.  Now there’s only a handful in the dock, and Overflow has them all managed by category.

Cha-Ching – I got burned out on Quicken and wanted something easier but that would still do the job.  This was another recent MacHeist app.  I like the interface and the ease of use of this one.

DEVONthink Personal – Honestly, I’ve been using Notebook for a long time, and I didn’t see the need to use both.  I have several friends that use this one though, and they love it.

iClip – This is a great clipboard app.  Easy to use, very functional.  If you copy and paste a lot, you need this one.

Bugdom 2 – Cute game first introduced several years ago.  I’d actually forgotten about it.  Give it a shot.

Nanosaur 2 – I might be wrong, but I think a trial of the original version used to come on new Macs.  I’ll enjoy getting back into this one.

CoverSutra – Wow.  You just have to use this one a time or two to be hooked.  The search feature is killer. Control iTunes without having to leave the app you’re currently working in.  Beautiful app.

Enigmo – Deceptive in its simplicity.  Addictive little puzzle game.

So, that’s the package.  Quite a good line-up.  We hardcore MacHeisters were hoping for a new bundle, not a “Greatest Hits” package, but we’ll just have to keep looking forward to MacHeist 3 later this year.  MacHeist is continuing their altruistic endeavors by donating 25% of the proceeds to charity.

They have a cool referral program in place with some great prizes up for grabs.  If you’re interested, please click on this link to head over to MacHeist to check it out.  Thanks!


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MacHeist Bundle back for a limited time…

April 13, 2008 at 4:22 am (shareware) (, , , , , )

The MacHeist bundle returns!! It’s over 80% off!! The lineup, which is essentially a “Best of..” package, contains the following apps: Awaken, Wallet, Xslimmer, WriteRoom, Overflow, Cha-Ching, DEVONthink Personal, iClip, Bugdom 2, Nanosaur 2, CoverSutra, and Enigmo. The entire package is only $49. As is customary for MacHeist, 25% of the proceeds will be donated to charity. They have an intriguing referral program going as well.

Click here for an invite and more details: https://www.macheist.com/buy/referral/31652

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