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Dejal’s Time Out helps you combat RSI (Repetitive Stress Injury) and encourages you to take frequent breaks while working or playing at your computer. As Dejal (pronounced Dee-Jill) developer David Sinclair says, “It is easy to fall into bad habits when using a computer for hours on end”. You get into what you’re working on, and before you know it a couple hours have passed, your neck is on fire, your shoulder is in knots, and your eyes are seeing double, or worse! That’s where Time Out comes into play. It reminds you to take regular breaks.

The program can be set up in several ways via the Preferences menu. Breaks come in two flavors: “normal” breaks last for 10 minutes every 50 minutes, and “micro” breaks last for 15 seconds every 10 minutes. The screen gradually dims, a zen-like logo comes forward, a countdown timer displays the time remaining in the break, and you cannot type or do anything else during the break. Those break times are just recommended parameters. You can change the duration of both the break and the time between the break via the preferences pane. There is also a button present that allows you to postpone the break or to skip it altogether.

A really cool feature is that you can run Automator workflows, AppleScript, or Python script or applications at the beginning or end of a break. Some of these are included, and there are also user-submitted scripts to add functionality. One of the scripts shows a status change in Adium at the beginning and end of breaks. Another pauses iTunes during your break, then cranks it up again when the break is over. Many of these features will be included when v. 2.0 is released, but it’s nice for now. Many other user-requested features will also be present in the upgrade.

I can tell you from personal experience that this app works quite well. I have had a decrease in headaches since I started using Time Out. I was also having issues with hand and wrist pain. While not totally alleviated, it is improved.

For now, Time Out is free. Use it, love it, and get attached to it. Consider making a donation to further Time Out’s development. Anyone who makes a donation in any amount prior to the upgrade being released will receive a free license for Version 2. You can’t beat that! There will continue to be a free Time Out Lite for those who do not want the added functionality that will come with version 2. Download Time Out. Your body will thank you.

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Get your own custom icon from Fast Icon

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Here’s a cool idea…Fast Icon will draw your caricature icon from a photo you send to them. Then you can use it for avatars, websites, business cards, pretty much anything you want.

They send it to you in several formats from a small .png file to high definition .jpg and photoshop images that are 8×12 inches. Mac and Windows icons are included.

Fast Icon initially will draw a pencil sketch for you to view. You can make comments and changes until you are pleased with it. The cost is $59 for a face only or $89 for a face and body. You can look at some of the samples on their website. I’m impressed!!
Here’s the link:

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