Twits, or Rudest Group of High School Girls, EVER

May 27, 2012 at 10:25 am (Geocaching, Personal) (, , , )

Nothing like staggering half-asleep to the hotel breakfast buffet, only to be tripped up and blocked from the entire huge room by stacks and piles of duffels, pillows, luggage, etc. belonging to a bunch of high school girls who play field hockey at AIM in St. Louis. It took ten minutes for them to get off their surly butts and clear a path. One said, “why can’t they just climb over?” I wanted to say, “See this thing I use to help with mobility, little girl? It’s called a ‘cane’. It makes it more difficult to climb over stacks of clothing left by rude little twits like you”…but I refrained.

By now, my senses were assaulted and I was fully awake. They couldn’t be bothered to be considerate of other guests as they spread out and overtook take up every single table in the smallish dining room, forcing everyone else to struggle getting past them to the *group* room where they were supposed to have been. I got so angry, watching the elderly, moms with toddlers and babies, and just regular people trying to navigate this room carrying their breakfast.

Some of these girls grabbed food from the buffet with their hands, and one even had the nerve to take the last biscuit that I’d just tried to pick up with tongs and dropped because I was juggling my cane with other things and got klutzy. I looked at her, speechless (yep, I was *that* stunned) and she gave me a little grin. “Oh, did you want that? I’m sure they’ll bring more. Hee hee”. I said, “Your parents must be so proud of you, raising you to take food right from the crippled chick’s tongs”. She rolled her eyes and walked off. I quickly breathed a prayer that I wouldn’t assault this budding menace to society, and walked to the waffle maker, where I encountered another of tomorrow’s leaders. When the waffle finished, this girl looked around, picked up the huge nearby stainless ladle rest, and tried, unsuccessfully, to use it to extract the waffle. I thought I’d be helpful, since the comic relief was neither relieving me nor getting me any closer to my goal of getting a waffle. I said, “Excuse me. You might have better luck with the tongs there” (gestured to tongs hanging next to handle of waffle iron). “The what?”, she asked, looking around blankly. I said, “Those things that look like big tweezers”. (lightbulb slowly coming on in her head) and I’m thinking “3…2…1…” and she says, “OHhhhhh”. Gets tweezers, removes waffle, leaves. Wow. They must have been having a contest to see who could rack up the most “rudeness points” because most of them were like that to everyone they encountered. Don’t get me wrong, a couple of them were nice, polite even (shhh, don’t tell their mean girl teammates) but the rest, well, we’d be here all day.

After jockeying with position with them for two days, most of us stood and applauded when they left to board their bus. Yes, I know, not one of my finest moments. They were, without a doubt, the rudest, most self-absorbed, group of teenage girls I’ve ever seen. Maybe that’s the definition of a teenager these days, but if I’d ever acted in public (or in private!) like some of these girls, I would not have made it to college because my parents would have killed me. One of the saddest things about all this is that the school and theses girls will be remembered for their self-serving actions and rude behavior.

I’m happy to report that we finished breakfast, chatted with another group of fellow geocachers, and successfully averted a stroke based on my then-rising blood pressure. Hoping for a nice, relaxing morning, going to grab a few more geocaches that are close to here, then gradually make our way on over to Knoxville for a family visit. Cheers!

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